Sunday, March 20, 2016

Topical Monologue Jokes That Busted Your Bracket

A video has surfaced of a man urinating onto a factory assembly line for Kellogg's cereal. Which explains why the new slogan for Rice Krispies is "Snap, Crackle, & Flush".

Chipotle is offering free burritos in an effort to combat the appearance of empty stores. The offer is also expected to help combat the appearance of empty hospital beds.

North Korea's supreme court has sentenced an American student to 15 years of hard labor. But on the bright side, the student hasn't even graduated college yet and he's already found a job.

After five seasons, CBS has cancelled its crime drama "Person of Interest". It's being replaced by the new crime drama "Person of Hopefully More Interest".

Uber has announced that it will now make one-way trips from the US to Mexico. They're calling the new service Uber Trump.